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MED In-finity 2023

The second participation of the in-finity movement – a Loulé Criativo Design Lab project dedicated to the circular economy – takes place with a redoubled presence in this year’s edition. In addition to the Hammam Stage, where there will again be a strong presence of pieces created and produced with reused materials, Palco Castelo, Palco Arco, MED Press, guest and press space and MED Cinema will also have pieces created and produced from waste whose principles are based not only on preservation, reduction and reuse, but also on the recovery of materials.

In this edition, more than a dozen Designers and Makers from the Loulé Criativo community are involved in the creation, development and production of objects in partnership with various services of the Municipality of Loulé. Together, it was possible to recover and reuse various types of materials such as tarpaulins, packaging cardboard, wood and fabrics.

The fabrics that served as shading cloths on the city's streets last year and, which are no longer possible to be reused this year, are now raw materials that decorate part of the fences. The fabrics illustrate, by the hands of Sara Monteiro, the symbols of the MED and the municipality.

The fabrics and canvases are also given a second life with the help of Gonçalo Gama in decorating used vases and in the construction of side tables, using some of the traditional stitches of the work.

Wooden flowerpots were restored in a sustainable way to compose the decoration of the stages, also by the hands of Gonçalo Gama and Paulo Tomé.

Several beanbags in different formats will be available on the Hammam stage and at Cinema MED, produced with advertising canvas used in the promotion of last year's edition of the MED Festival, this project, according to author Verónica Guerreiro, is a small-scale practical example of how it works. the circular economy.

Cardboard packaging was transformed into ottomans, benches and lamps by the hands of Gustavo Arguello, Carla Martins, Jina Nebe and Alessa Dresel.

Used cardboard tubes and wood are also recovered materials that make up the structures for vertical gardens. They can be seen on the access staircase to the guest and press space. Also in this area, it will be possible to see new carpets made with waste from the Santos Monteiro factory joined by hand in cross stitch by Cláudia Moreira, structures of old chairs and strips of used canvas are also the basis of new benches, inspired by traditional baskets, which will compose this space.

There are more than 90 pieces produced according to the principles of circularity based on #reduction, #reuse, #recovery, #renewal and #recycling of materials.

More information at louledesignlab.pt and in-finity.pt