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Curatorship: David Revés

“Celestial Bodies”

Exposition by Adriana João, Bruno Silva, Joana da Conceição and José Jesus

June 28th to July 12th > Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 am-01:30 pm and 02:30 pm-06:00 pm

Galeria de Arte do Convento do Espirito Santo, Loulé

Opening June 28th > 6pm

“Celestial Bodies” is the result of the residency developed by David Revés (curator), Adriana João, Bruno Silva, Joana da Conceição and José Jesus (artists) at Alfaia — arte e Comunidade, in November 2022. Echoing the defined conversations and activities during this period, necessarily prolonged in time, as well as borrowing the title of an essay by Georges Bataille, this exhibition brings together unpublished works by all participating artists, proposing a potent territory of constellation, which is artistic, investigative and critical. Having as background a thought about the constitutive possibilities of the body, matter and technique, in its multiple sensitive, metabolic, material, symbolic, technological and historical dimensions, “Celestial Bodies” favours a speculative artistic and curatorial approaches, which will allow for the conception of other ways of imagining the world, as well as emphasising an umbilical and primitive relationship between the human and his radical exteriority, that is, with the planet and its indissoluble rhythms.