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Curatorship: Rui Pedro Tendinha

Films, concerts, film-concerts and cinema with music. Curatorship by Rui Pedro Tendinha who enhances the vocation of Loulé and the Loulé Film Office as a place to offer cinema to a region. Unpublished objects counting on the presence of musicians and filmmakers, also providing a festive atmosphere with DJs.

29 jun


Wolf Manhattan

A creation of the restless musician, composer and producer João Vieira who, after making his mark on the Portuguese music with projects such as X-Wife, Club Kitten parties and the electronic alter ego White Haus, this time returns transfigured in the character Wolf Manhattan, with cinematographic images following the performance.

7pm / 11pm

Dj Marie

30 jun


Winning Short Films Sophia Estudante 2023
with the presence of Paulo Trancoso, president of the Portuguese Film Academy

A Semente Que Palpita
by Marta Ribeiro, Alice Afonso,
Tiago Pimenta and Laura Pires

Enquanto Houver Ovelhas
by Joao Mendes Pinto
UCP – Escola das Artes

Esqueci-me que Tinha Medo
by Diogo Bento

Master's and Doctorate
Corpo e Paisagem
by Raquel Medeiros

by Rodrigo Rebello de Andrade
Lisbon Theater and Film School

7pm / 11pm

Dj Marie

1 jul


Mariana Root with Nuno Moreno
+ visual performance of A Voz na Earth
Cláudia Palma-Romão and Luísa Martelo

This Portuguese artist transports us on an alchemical journey to the power of sounds. Her roots, in a succession of “singers”, and the richness of ancient traditions, inspire her, and it is in co-creation with the present that she finds and explores the nature of her sound. All this followed by images from Ophiussa Press, a multidisciplinary collective that reactivate the visual culture of myths, rites, and stories from Portugal, through archival materials, recording of oral traditions, pilgrimages to powerful places and archaeological sites.

7pm / 11pm

Dj Pedro Ramos
Futura Rádio de Autor

2 Jul > Cineteatro Louletano 

5 pm
Free admission

A Viagem do Rei
by Roger Mor and João Pedro Moreira
Rui Reininho followed by a showcase with the musician

One of the great musical documentaries in the history of Portuguese cinema: A journey through the head of the poet and provocative Rui Reininho. From innocence to the discovery of sin, from anarchism to salvation through art and spirituality, this is a film that reveals the creative processes and vision of our biggest artist in modern music.
Then, the screening of the film, Rui Reininho and his musicians play some songs from 20.000 Éguas Submarinas.