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Mediterranean flavours are one of the attractions of this event, but the proposal is much extensive and it is possible to find here the best flavours from the four corners of the world, because gastronomy, an inseparable element of the cultures and identity of each country is, still, one of the main highlights of this festival.

In addition to traditional Portuguese cuisine, the Festival MED also includes a range of restaurant spaces dedicated to traditional flavours from countries such as Spain, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Brazil, Angola or Italy. At Claustros do Convento do Espírito Santo, gastronomy workshops are held for the general public and the dishes are prepared “in living colour”.

From the 29th of June to the 2nd of July, in participating restaurants you can taste various dishes alluding to the Mediterranean Diet. Consult the menus that each establishment has prepared for you:

Participating Restaurants
• 8100 Coffee
• Aurora by Vitor Gameiro
• Bica Velha
• Bocage
• Cashew Vegan Foodsters
• Café Panties
• Cafézique
• DAJE – Pizzeria Artigianale
• Slight Hunch
• The Cylinder
• Flavors of Maria
• Umai – Gastrobar & Sushibar

As in previous years, at the MED Festival, on Sunday the 2nd of July, starting at 8 pm, at Alcaidaria do Castelo, we will have the Mediterranean Diet Day. With two showcooking in charge of Tertúlia Algarvia and Associação In Loco with the Mediterranean Diet project.