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Matriz Stage

30 JUN

02:15 am



This multidisciplinary project composed by the Brazilians Ricardo Don and Denny Azevedo, both vocalists, music producers and plastic and visual artists, based in Lisbon since 2019, is one of those case studies in which each performance becomes a unique and unrepeatable moment. Whether in concert or in a DJ set format, as will happen in this year's edition of the Festival MED, they never leave anyone quiet or indifferent, creating an immersive experience that stimulates all the senses through music and eccentric performances. The exoticism of remote cultures and the most current subversions come together, in a sound journey through myths and rhythms from all continents, in which the duo's accurate sound research metamorphoses, in a very authorial way, into a music of collective catharsis. With a career that started ten years ago, Venga Venga have edited three EPs, as well as several singles and remixes, but it is always on the dance floor that they (re)find their natural habitat – and with them, it is guaranteed, everything it can be turned into a dance floor, even the streets of Loulé.