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Castelo Stage

30 JUN

9:30 pm



Despite always having traditional Japanese music as their main reference, the secret of this talented duo lies in the way they manage to mix elements of contemporary Western music, in particular European music, without ever detracting from the simplicity of their sound. Formed in 2004 by percussionist Tetsuro Naito, who belonged to the world-renowned Japanese drum group Kodo, and flutist Tomoko Takeda, who learned to play fue a shinobue (traditional Japanese flutes made of bamboo) as a child. And it is only with these two instruments and based on the improvisation tradition of Edo-bayashi, a Japanese musical style very popular in the Tokyo region, that the duo build their delicate compositions, adapting them according to the places and environments where they are played. presented. With three albums already published, they are quite popular in Japan, for having modernized the tradition without distorting it, and increasingly abroad as well, due to the many performances in festivals, sometimes accompanied by musicians from other latitudes, both geographical and stylistic.