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Arco Stage

30 JUN

8:30 pm / 11:45 pm

Nanook O Vagabundo


Born on the island of São Miguel but currently residing in Faro, Nanook is Tércio Freire, musician, composer and producer. Nanook performs on stage assuming himself as a “One man band” playing up to 5 instruments at the same time and sees music as “a way to provoke emotions, be they loss, happiness, joy or sadness”.

In this conceptual project entitled “O Vagabundo” (The Vagabond), the composer and lyricist of the entire work, states that “this vagabond appears in the sense of a person who looks at society from another perspective”, in which the lyrics written in Portuguese and music impose “a very strong social charge, making people to feel and think”.

Heavily influenced by musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan or Tom Waits, it is with a clearly intimate range that shares life experiences, portraits of our society and stories of love and mismatches with blues and folk always in the background. Nanook promises to fly to other places with this new album entitled “Inquietude”.
Engaging melodies marked by the enchanting sound of the harmonica, “Nanook O Vagabundo” is one of the names of this new wave of Portuguese artists, who promise to bring a lot to national music.