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Cerca Stage

30 JUN

9:15 pm



Monda has a different singing, based on the Alentejo tradition but open to the world, with a contemporary approach that at first is perhaps strange, but quickly becomes enjoyable, accompanied by the guitars, keyboards and double bass. It is Singing without barriers or borders, with a contemporary approach and closer to the new fusion sounds of world music, but without ever losing the tradition, where it really comes from, because the Alentejo runs in the veins of Jorge Roque, Pedro Zagalo and Herlander Medinas, the three founding elements of this group. The first album, homonymous, was released in 2016 and featured a group of luxury guests, such as Katia Guerreiro, Rui Veloso, Tiago Oliveira (Pólo Norte) and Grupo de Cantadores de Portel. Since then, they have not stopped taking this new Alentejo to the world, turning each concert into a party, as evidenced by the single Cai o Sol, released at the end of 2021.