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Bicas Velhas Stage

30 JUN

11:45 pm



Mariana Bragada was born in Bragança in 1997. She danced Ballet for 10 years and Contemporary and Urban Dance for 3. She studied Violin and Classical Guitar for 2 years and performed Visual Arts at Liceu de Bragança.

In 2015 he studied 3 years in Communication Design at FBAUP and finished his degree in Art and Design at IPB in 2021.

In addition, Mariana also took the Music Production course at Arda Academy in 2020-2021.

The Meta_ project appears at the end of 2017 with a focus on the exploration of electronics with the theme of ancestry.

Like Meta_, he is also part of Xinobi's live concert, having played at festivals in Portugal and Europe.

He has been working as a sound designer for 5 years with UmColetivo creating, recording and performing live in Theater shows throughout the country and internationally, having presented shows in Belo Horizonte- Brazil; Montevideo-Uruguay; Santiago Island-Cape Verde.

Also in the area of Music, Mariana created, together with Sara Grenha and Sara Brandão, the “Abondai” project focused on creating new Portuguese music with a popular/rural language.

More recently, she was part of the show “Invencível Armada” as an actress, produced by UmColetivo, and has participated in the film “Lobo e Cão” by Cláudia Varejão as a singer.

As a music producer, Mariana won the Young Creators award in the Music category and as Meta_ she won the Emerging Artist award at the Emerging Festival.

Mariana is also a photographer, creative director and works with primary schools in experimenting electronic music with children.