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Matriz Stage

30 JUN

00:15 am

La Sra. Tomasa


In the dynamic “mixed-race scene of Barcelona”, the mere mention of this name is immediately understood as a synonym for party. Composed of seven elements, La Sra. Tomasa works like a big band, whose music fuses a myriad of Latin genres and rhythms, mixed with an ever-present electronic component, such as drum and bass, dubstep or house, which leaves no one quiet during their energetic performances. Born in 2012, from the ashes of several other projects in the same musical area, they already have three albums published, which opened the doors to some of the biggest music festivals in the neighboring country. They are Corazón, Bombo y Son (2014), Nuestra Clave (2017) and the latest Alegre Pero Peligroso (2020), which marked a turning point in the band's sound, with the introduction of more urban elements, such as trap. The curious name of the group is inspired by the song La Negra Tomasa, a classic of Cuban music, which they used to play almost obsessively in the earliest rehearsals. And one of his first hits was precisely called La Sra. Tomasa La Sra. Tomasa, presented as a fictional character who brings together the main characteristics of each member of the group.