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Matriz Stage

30 JUN

10:15 pm

Kabaka Pyramid


One of the most talented artists of the new generation of Jamaican reggae, his name is inseparable from the current Kingston’s music, where the more traditional sounds of reggae are more and more mixed with genres such as hip-hop. In fact, it was through this musical style that the young Keron Salmon (the real name of Kabaka, a word that means king in Uganda) started in music, making versions of international hits, rewritten with his own words. Then, he already showed a sense of justice and empowerment that over time would become the mark of his music, with the seemingly simple melodies of reggae working as the perfect way to convey a message full of spirituality and positive energies. A mission that he also held offstage, through the NGO Manifesto Jamaica, which aims to motivate Jamaican and African young people through arts and culture. As he will certainly do at the Festival MED, where he will present the latest work The Kalling, released last year, in a concert that will also include some of the most iconic songs from his huge and powerful listing, such as Free of Chains, No Capitalist, Mi Alright, Never Gonna Be A Slave or Well Done.