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Castelo Stage

30 JUN

11:30 pm

Jean Christian et le Quatuor des Rêves Enfouis


The proposal of this Luso-Canadian collective is a fusion between two apparently different universes, indie folk and classical music, which under the baton of Canadian musician Jean-Christian Houde sounds like a perfect marriage. It was in the small Quebec town where he was born and raised that Jean-Christian fell in love with the folk sound of the old classics of traditional Canadian music, to which, as a teenager, he began to add more modern and alternative elements, remaining, even so, , always faithful to the themes of its region of origin. As happened when he met a group of “talented musicians from the Algarve” (Sara Cymbron and João Castro on violins, Nuno Soares on viola and Ana Louisa on cello), with whom he almost immediately established a “unique musical chemistry”, which led him to adapt the songs to be accompanied by a string quartet, as they are now performed on MED.