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Hammam Stage

30 JUN

9:45 pm



It presents itself as “a true challenge to the rediscovery of popular Portuguese songs, the lament of fado and the roots of Arabic poetry of a forgotten Al-Gharb”, this musical project for two, which unites the Portuguese guitar of Ricardo Martins to the voice and harp by Helena Madeira under the strong name of Carpideira. They promise to “cry for us the loves and longings of yesteryear”, but also spice up the traditions with the musical history and travels of each one of them, as artists who reinvent themselves in a constant dance, always with the expectation of leading the public through new paths. and unheard of sound paths. Ricardo Martins has recorded several albums and is part of the new generation of Portuguese Guitar musicians with roots in other musical worlds, and is also one of the few guitarists who compose pieces for this very Portuguese instrument. Helena Madeira defines herself as a “self-taught person in constant search of techniques and influences”, despite having studied lyrical singing and having attended the Singing and Harp course at the National Conservatory. He was also the lead singer of the groups Dazkarieh and MU, also having an album in his own name, From the Voice of the Embondeiro, edited in 2014.