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Chafariz Stage

30 JUN

8:30 pm



With a name that refers to pre-Roman Iberian mythology, Bandua, also known as Banda or Bandonga, was one of the protective goddesses of the Lusitanians, this collaborative project brings together Luso-Brazilian musician and producer Tempura the Purple Boy to singer and musician Portuguese Edgar Valente, presenting as a place where electronic music influenced by Berlin downtempo meets the popular spirit of Beira Baixa. Said like that, it might seem confusing, but just listen to the duo's eponymous first album, released at the beginning of last year, to realize that all of this makes a lot of sense. The result was a rather melancholic and contemplative album, sung in Portuguese, in which sounds, poems and popular songs from Beira Baixa are brought up to date and recreated through a more contemporary filter, under a more comprehensive form of electronic pop influenced by pagan and Moorish traditions from this border area. “We wanted to create something new, without forgetting where we come from”, explains Addario, a concept that they also wanted to transpose into live performances, marked by their own clothing and scenography, designed to summon all the mystique of Bandua to the stage.