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30 JUN

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Coming from southern Apulia, this group of eight musicians presents as a “fantastic odyssey”, which appears in Loulé cradled “by the winds of the Adriatic” to put on an “original and disruptive” party, assuming somewhere between a traditional band – which enlivens parties as well as plays in processions and funerals – with the energy of Balkan music and the virtuosity of North Africa. It is no coincidence that the group's latest album is precisely called Odissea, with the legendary hero Ulysses being transformed into an immigrant in search of a better life, who instead of fighting mythological villains has to deal with indifference and lack of empathy from a completely alien world. With an extraordinary horn section and an energetic musical proposal, completed by a stage presence enriched by choreographies that are as fun as they are contagious, the result is a powerful sound and visual explosion that transforms any concert into a huge dance where it is impossible to stay still.